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Privacy Policy

Girlguiding Kent Weald County collects information about your visit for the purposes of providing analytics and tracking the number of visitors to the website. The information collected includes the time of your visit, the pages you visit, information about your web browser and your operating system and your geographic region. None of this information can be used to identify you and is completely anonymous.

If you are a member and have been provided with a login, then your email address, name and an encrypted version of your password are stored in a database to allow you to login to the Members’ Area. This information is used solely for providing membership services and is not disclosed to any third parties.


Cookies are small pieces of information that a website can put on your hard drive in order for it to remember something about you at a later time. The information is in the form of a text file, which will only be understood by the web site that initially set the cookie. This website may use cookies for certain applications.

Currently we operate an ‘implied consent’ policy which means that we assume you are happy with this usage. If you are not happy, then you have the option to either not use this site, or you can delete cookies having visited the site, or you can stop your browser exchanging cookies with web servers at any time by using your browser’s anonymous usage setting (called “Incognito” in Chrome, “InPrivate” for Internet Explorer, “Private Browsing” in Firefox and Safari etc.).