Rainbows welcomes all girls from 4 to 7 years old for play, learning and tons of fun in a colourful, safe space.

She’ll laugh, sing and make a happy mess (and help clear it up!) as she chooses her way through our programme of activities. She’ll have plenty of magic moments: she might become a time traveller, an animal tracker, a pop singer, a stargazer. It’s a wonderful world of adventure, week after week, just for her.  


Learning about the world together

Rainbows follow our programme. In unit meetings, they do fun activities, play games and earn skills builder badges, all while being supported by our trained volunteers. 

Your child could get skills builder badges in themes such as camping, communication and first aid. And if she wants to take guiding home, there’s lots of interest badges to do in between unit meetings, like the book lover badge, construction badge and helper badge. 

Discover all the badges Rainbows can earn. 

Magical events for Rainbows

Magical events for Rainbows – There are a whole range of exciting events – locally and nationally – that Rainbows can enjoy. As well as going to events planned locally and by her unit, she could also go to one of our national events and make friends from around the UK. 

The next step in her Guiding Journey

When a girl nears the end of her time at Rainbows, she can continue her adventure at Brownies – our section for girls aged seven to ten.

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