Trefoil Guild celebrate 75 years

As part of the Trefoil Guild’s 75th anniversary, a 75km long distance walk was organised for 75 Trefoil members around the location of Glenbrook in the Peak District. I was one of those members and have had a wonderful time walking with Trefoil members of all ages from across the country.

We stayed at Glenbrook and the circular walk was planned in 8 sections, we were then divided into 8 groups and over 8 days walked the route, each group starting at a different location. All the walk leaders were Trefoil members from either the North West or North East Region each of them bringing their local knowledge on the walk for us to enjoy.

We walked across the Dark Peak and the White Peak; we saw some amazing scenery and experienced the many weathers that Derbyshire is famous for and we all conquered Win Hill, which offered us some of the best views in the whole of the Peak District. Trefoil has four aims; To Get Involved; Get Active; Give Support and to Find Friendship:

We certainly got involved and were proud to be the first group of Trefoil Members to be part of this amazing National Event. We got active too, the walks themselves varied in terrain and difficulty, some of those Kilometres were quite challenging, we went uphill and downhill, along limestone footpaths and gritstone footpaths. We crossed fields and walked along farm tracks and alongside the river. We walked everywhere!

We gave support to one another as we climbed over the many different types of stiles; we helped one another through squeeze gate stiles, across stepping stones and even rescued one or two members from the boggy marshes!

We talked and giggled as we walked making new friends, sharing stories, swapping contact details and making lots of memories on those walks which we will all cherish.

Despite the aching legs and basic accommodation, if there is ever a second chance to walk like this again with Trefoil I will be there, and maybe next time you would like to come too.


Allington Trefoil