Allington Trefoil Guild walk the Maidstone Bridges

When the news arrived that the London Bridges Walk had been cancelled, meaning that Allington Trefoil Guild members would not be heading to London to join the LaSER Girlguiding event, disappointment struck. We’d all been looking forward to a walk along the Thames, seeing some of the wonderful London sights, crossing the 8 bridges from Tower Bridge to Westminster Bridge and meeting other LaSER guiding members.

How would we cope without our summer walk by the River Thames? It wasn’t long before one of our members reminded us that we had our own river to walk along…. The Mighty Medway, and there were 8 bridges from our home base in Allington to Tovil. So, without delay, we changed our destination, our itinerary and packed up our rucksacks and enjoyed a walk along the Medway. We saw many local land marks, Allington Locks & Castle; the Millennium Park; Maidstone Football Ground and Archbishop’s Palace. We crossed all eight bridges and took photos on each bridge to show to the rest of our guild; we encountered joggers galore on the towpath, we ate ice cream covered in chocolate sauce whilst we sat and watched the boats on the river and we giggled and chattered as we wandered along the Mighty Mighty Medway.

Allington Trefoil Guild