Senior Section

The Senior Section’s programme is fun, flexible and focused on personal development. Travel to far-away countries, gain the prestigious Queen’s Guide Award or take on a leadership role within our organisation – the opportunities are endless, whatever you want to achieve.


How to get involved as member of The Senior Section

Look Wider

Members of The Senior Section follow a core programme called Look Wider. It’s divided into eight areas called octants, and gives you the opportunity to push your boundaries, develop practical skills for life and have a real impact on your local – and global – community.

Awards and challenges

The Senior Section is all about gaining achievements you can shout about. You’ll find plenty of challenges to empower and develop you – from the Queen’s Guide Award, the highest and most prestigious award available to young members, to the Commonwealth Award, which is all about exploring our global history.

Take on new responsibilities

The Senior Section is also the place where older members get to try out new and exciting leadership positions. You might decide to take a positive, active role in supporting a local unit as part of our Young Leader Qualification, or embark on training so you can take younger members on fun-filled camping trips.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Fancy pushing yourself to your limits? Girlguiding has teamed up with the Duke of Edinburgh’s (DofE) Award to offer this fantastic, non-competitive award as part of our programme. Internationally recognised – and operating in about 100 countries – DofE looks fantastic on your CV or university application and is a brilliant way to discover more about the world around you.

Peer Education

We offer you opportunities to train as a peer educator so you can learn to lead fun and interactive sessions on important topics. We ask girls what issues they want to talk about and create resources that are relevant to them, for example on mental well-being and body confidence.

Guiding while you study

If you’re off to college or uni, joining The Senior Section is a brilliant way to¬†expand your student experience, have fun and give something back to your community. Whether you’re already a member, or are just starting out, guiding will give you a host of opportunities to gain leadership skills, build a network of friends in your area and enhance your professional development.


Adult Volunteers