An unusual visitor at 1st Pembury Brownies

I recently saw a post on Facebook, which said you could invite a goat to join your zoom meeting. Always willing to try something unusual I looked into it, and on 24th June Elizabeth Cronkshaw joined our weekly meeting.

As we knew we had ‘invited’ her we had been doing animal related activities for couple of weeks, and the Brownies knew we had a visitor coming, but not who.

Their faces were wonderful when I told them the visitor was a goat, and one Brownie was definitely bouncing up and down very quickly.

Elizabeth the Goat was in her pen, with 2 kids (and a person holding the iPad I suspect!).  She watched us and munched her food, which we could hear. The camera moved around the pen and we saw the kids, while Elizabeth turned her head to keep an eye on us.

After 5 minutes a human hand waved goodbye in front of the camera and Elizabeth disappeared from sight.  She hasn’t disappeared from our thoughts though, and several parents have messaged to say they really enjoyed it. 


1st Pembury Brownies

goat-zoom-2  goat-zoom-1