Allington Trefoil Guild explore the solar system

Allington Trefoil Guild visited the scale model (1mm – 4594kms) of Otford Solar System which shows the planets in their correct position on the Millennium night and gives you a sense of vastness to space. This physical model which is laid out in the Recreation Ground and surrounding area was built as part of the Otford Parish Council’s Millennium celebrations and with the help of Grants and local businesses this project was planned and completed and is owned by the Parish Council.

We started our walk at the domed pillar representing the sun and followed our map to find the other planets which meant walking past the local surgery, up to the High Street, through the fields of oats and out along the narrow footpaths which gave a splendid view of the North Downs. We all completed the 3.4 mile walk and were thankful of a drink at the end of an interesting evening in The Bull Inn. The Solar System at Otford is well worth a visit.

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