We are sailing…

On Saturday the 12th May 2018, several Girlguiding units took part in a Sailing Day at Haysden Sailing Club, near Tonbridge, Kent. We are here to tell you about the three amazing activities we experienced; this will include: sailing, dressing up and naming parts of the boat.

First up, sailing – On the boat, there were three girls and an instructor; our sailing buddy was a funny however trustworthy man called Bob. Whilst on the boat everyone had a job, two people had the task of rotating the angles of the sails by pulling two ropes. The other person had the tricky job of steering the boat with the tiller extension. Once we were confident with the boat, we had a race even though there was no wind! After we dried off, we did an activity on what to wear that is appropriate and what not to. Afterwards, we were allowed to dress up in some, people dressed in all sorts, the bikini, a skirt and all-in-one wetsuit. Our final task was naming the parts of the boat. We recapped the parts and had a race with the other groups to see who could name them the fastest. We came 2nd with 17.5 seconds. Overall, everyone had an exciting and enjoyable day!

Amelie & Lucy (5th Paddock Wood Guides)


Sailing with Tonbridge sailing club was amazing, I have now faced my fears of going on boats. The club acknowledged that I need help of getting on and off the boats due to sight issues. The activities entertained everyone, choosing the right clothing against the wrong clothing was so much fun, we tried on dry suits as well as, appropriate clothing as well as party wear, inappropriate clothing. Learning the different parts of the boat and naming them boat was fun because we had a competition at the end. I would go there as many times as I’m allowed. Thank you for the fun.

Hannah (5th Paddock Wood Guides)