Eight Bridges and a Medal!

On Saturday 13 January 2018, 12 intrepid walkers met at Westminster Bridge. It was grey, it was chilly but that did not stop our enthusiasm to do the walk that we sadly couldn’t do last year due to the London Bridge Terrorist attack.

We started on Westminster Bridge and zig zagged from the Thames path to each bridge going up river.

We take these bridges for granted and yes, it is sad now they have great metal boulders on them but each of them are a piece of genius architecture in their own right.

The Southbank fortunately was not as crowded as normal, probably due to the London Eye being closed which was the first time I have not seen it moving.

We stopped for a welcoming hot drink and toilet stop at the Festival Hall which was very busy with chatter and people just enjoying the warmth of the building.

We crossed each bridge and Sue gave us a different colour sticker each time. Which we had fun in guessing the next colour!!

My favourite bridge is Blackfriars. Which is an amazing building. It was rebuilt five years ago for Blackfriars station to be sat upon. The platform stretches from both sides of the river. You can also see the history of the original bridge with the struts still in the water and the big sign for the Chatham railway.  Blackfriars Station is run on Solar energy which comes from the hundreds of solar panels on the roof. It is truly spectacular.

Millennium bridge is also the only walking bridge across this stretch with great views of the Tate Modern to the South and St Paul’s to the North.

When we crossed London Bridge I took a moment to remember the sad day last year. But also to reflect that London still breathes and we are very fortunate to have such an amazing city close by.

We stopped in the Hayes Galleria for a final hot drink and a piece of cake which we all felt we deserved after the many up and down steps to each bridge.

Our final bridge was Tower Bridge with all its grandeur where Sue very proudly gave us all our medal and our badge (we love a badge!!)

Julia Constable

Kent Weald Walkers

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