Local Hero Award for Guide Leader

Congratulations to Sybil Oddy who was nominated for the Community hero award for her dedicated work in Speldhurst and won! Sybil was nominated by her Leaders, Guides and friends for the Tunbridge Wells ‘Love where you live Live’ award for dedication to the Speldhurst Nursery school, Girlguiding and numerous village committees.


This is what her Leaders, Guides and friends said.

Sybil Oddy epitomises everything you’d expect in a community hero. Not only did she run Speldhurst nursery school for close to 25 years and is part of the village hall committee and other community events but she has also been a leading light in Girlguiding, volunteering as a leader for more than 30 years. The impact Sybil has had on young people in the village and the wider borough is obvious whenever you are out with her, people she has taught or welcomed into Speldhurst Guides stop and say hi and now we have the daughters of former guides joining our group. Indeed Speldhurst Guides –which regularly attracts 30 girls – would not be the success it is without her commitment and enthusiasm. Plus Sybil’s work as both a district and divisional Girl Guiding commissioner – again volunteer roles – allows her to support young girls and help other leaders across the borough. But don’t take it from me; here are some thoughts from current Guides:

Freja (15): “Over the years, Sybil has helped me and provided me with support in many different ways, whether helping me to organise an event at guides or making sure I asked for a grant for the most recent guiding trip I am going on. I don’t think I can quite comprehend how much work Sybil puts into everything she does, including organising the trip to Switzerland that I went on. It was an absolutely amazing experience which was partly down to Sybil’s organisation. This award is a way we can say thank you for everything she has done. She definitely deserves being rewarded for all her hard work.”

Sarah (14): “I first met Sybil as a two year old, and a proud member of her nursery school. After I left I would see Sybil, and say hello, and she would always have a smile on her face. Finally I progressed to Guides, an eager ten year old. For so many years Sybil has selflessly run Guides, in her own free time. She always encourages everybody, and even gives up weekends and evenings to take us on extra trips. The amount of thought and planning she puts into everything is amazing. Her patience will never cease to amaze me, and she is a valued and incredible member of Speldhurst community.”

Enya (15): “Sybil has always been a kind and generous person who always puts us children first. Sybil’s work at the nursery, girl guiding as well as other village activities has been amazing and I am very thankful that she made my experience through the Girl Guiding community as fun and enjoyable as it was. Sybil’s dedication and love for Speldhurst Guides really does deserve credit.”

Hattie (14): “Sybil has been a part of village life for as long as I can remember – being there for me through nursery, all the way to Guides senior section. She is never negative, always kind, and supports everyone. I think she deserves the Individual Hero award for all the extra effort she puts in to make our lives easier, which often isn’t appreciated as much as it should be.”

Abbie (15): “Sybil is an amazing leader and friend. She gives up her time every week and has always been there for us. I have known Sybil since nursery school and have always been able to go to her about any problems and she is always willing to lend a helping hand! Recently she wrote a reference for me for an international charity trip. I am very happy to say that I got on the trip and I know my success was largely down to her kindness and willing to help me achieve my goal.”

So as you can see, Sybil really is Speldhurst’s very own community hero!