Paddock Wood District go stateside

Paddock Wood District enjoyed weekend away in America (commonly known as Cudham Shaws) over the last May Bank holiday weekend. The Brownies, Guides and Rangers stayed for the weekend, whilst our Rainbows joined us for the day on the Saturday. During the Saturday the girls took on activities such as lassoing in Texas and Cheer-leading in Las Vegas as well as craft activities including making dream catchers in the Grand Canyon, cross stitching the American Flag in Washington and creating walk of fame handprints in Los Angeles. We were even joined by Mickey and Minnie Mouse who were on hand to oversee the girls while they made Mickey Mouse ears in Florida.

The Sunday involved an American themed Wide Game, a BBQ and a campfire. We managed to eat all the marshmallows in the photo below, we didn’t realise quite how large the bags were until we asked some of the Brownies to hold them!

We had hot and wet days and a massive overnight thunderstorm on the Sunday night but we managed pack a huge amount into an enjoyable weekend.

A huge thank you to everyone that helped make the weekend a success.


Paddock Wood District Commissioner

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