Loose Brownies Complete Tesco Farm to Fork Trail

2nd Loose Brownies have just returned from a special visit to Tesco. Instead of completing the weekly shop, the Brownies completed the Farm to Fork trail, learning about where their food comes from and how a supermarket works.

The trip started with a quiz in the fruit and vegetable aisle, followed by a tour of the warehouses, chillers, freezers and bakery.

The 22 Brownies loved finding fruit and vegetables from all the colours of the rainbow. With purple and blue being the hardest to find, the girls had to search the shop for the answers.

Eleanor said ‘I liked it when I went into the freezer because I didn’t feel cold’ whilst Ellie H said ‘it was one of the best experiences of my life!’

The trip ended with the girls making and eating fruit kebabs. Ellie R tried a raspberry for the very first time. She said ‘I wasn’t sure at first as it tasted a bit rubbery, but I liked it in the end.’

Over 1.2 million primary school aged children have taken part in this free scheme with a special badge for Girlguiding members. If you want to take a group of Brownies or Rainbows to your local Tesco, visit www.eathappyproject.com for further information.