Speldhurst Guides Winter Camp

Recently 16 of the 1st Speldhurst Guides went on a winter camp at Blacklands farm with 4 young leaders and 3 leaders. They participated in many activities including team building and rock climbing. They also went for walks in the stream and enjoyed making several meals of their own in the kitchen: sweet snacks, evening meals, and English breakfasts. Various crafts kept everyone occupied for hours, the pompoms and friendship bracelets proved particularly popular.
The community spirit really came through and everyone helped out with the house keeping. Everyone slept in one big room on bunk beds. This experience was loved by all the guides and some felt it was like one big sleepover. Camp was thoroughly enjoyed by all and everyone is very much looking forward to the next one. ‘ Camp was really fun and I loved eating my home made curry, ’ one guide said.
Sarah and Hattie
1st Speldhurst Guides Young Leaders