Girlguiding Reunites Lenham Community

Over 50 women and girls joined together to remember their time at Lenham Guides who have been running for over 80 years. The reunion was held to celebrate the 25th anniversary of leaders Julia Thomsett and Mary Terry running the unit.

The event held in the Lenham Community Centre was a time for friends old and new to get together and talk about their time at Lenham Guides. The evening started with a welcome in semaphore by the Lenham Guides and two new Guides, Charlotte Legg and Sophie Collett making their promise.

Woman and girls with ages ranging from 10 years to 80 years joined together for the evening to talk fondly about their experiences in Guiding. There were activities to have a go at including making apple crumble, quizzes and the more traditional tying of knots. Displays of photos were around the room, showing how the unit had changed over the years, with many reminiscing about their time with the group.

The evening was finished off with an indoor camp fire with a range of both new and traditional songs. Sarah, who was a Guide in the 80’s said that it wasn’t until the reunion that she realised how much she missed being a Guide. She fondly remembered her time in guiding when the group used to go camping at the coast and had campfires in the sand dunes.

Julia Thomsett said: “It’s incredibly rewarding volunteering with Girlguiding. I get so much out of seeing girls develop their confidence in a safe, girl-only space. I’ve made brilliant friends and learnt so many new skills – I would recommend guiding to everyone!”